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» Indian medicinal plants ayurveda

:: N ew CD Rom for Indian medicinal plants (AYURVEDICPHARMACOPOEIA CD ROM) This contains 6000 pictures of 600 Indian medicinal plants using in Ayurveda According to B.A.M.S. syllabus./CCIM syllabus It consist of two volumes Vol. I & Vol .II (Disc 1&2) This cd rom describes all necessary data about herbs, like morphology, therapeutic uses, synonyms, Systemic action in nervous, digestive system etc., properties, formulations, research works & pictures etc.

:: www: http://www.indianmedicinalplants.info/

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» Yet Another Wiki

:: Yawiki AKA Yet Another Wiki is a unique robot powered wiki / encyclopedia. The robot has knowledge on a wide array of topics and information. Come and check out Yawiki.org. YaWiki can be used as a traditional wiki; it adheres to much of the Wiki Way. This is the Computer & Internet Assistants wiki site, powered by YaWiki.

:: www: http://www.yawiki.org/

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» Historic map

:: The Age of Silver map collection has about 2,500 download historical maps online.

:: www: http://www.discusmedia.com/

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